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Getting walked on by TinyFeetSlave
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Ryuko is as mad as me .-. by TinyFeetSlave
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Schoolgirls View 4 by TinyFeetSlave
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Schoolgirls View 2 by TinyFeetSlave
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Schoolgirls View 1 by TinyFeetSlave
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Catgirl Luka wants to play x3 by TinyFeetSlave
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Hipster Miku POV (Short Video) by TinyFeetSlave
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Hipster Miku POV (Short Video) :icontinyfeetslave:TinyFeetSlave 41 55
Hipster Miku having Fun POV by TinyFeetSlave
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Hipster Miku having Fun POV :icontinyfeetslave:TinyFeetSlave 33 22
Hipster Miku having Fun View 2 by TinyFeetSlave
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Ashley Wildcat  Mandy Candy trampling by PdPatty
Mature content
Ashley Wildcat Mandy Candy trampling :iconpdpatty:PdPatty 4 0
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Mature content
Sleepover fun :iconjedi120:jedi120 157 346
Leone's Fun Methods
Notes before reading:
.This story contains femdom, humiliation, mind-breaking, foot-fetish and other similar themes. If you are not into any of them, please do not read it.
.I am not the creator of the characters. They belong to the author of the manga/anime "Akame ga Kill"
.The description/author's comment section contains pictures of the characters for those unfamiliar with them.
.Enjoy !
 In the heart of the Empire, a loud commotion was happening. A young woman was the source of it. She was running randomly around the capital, throughout the neighborhoods, flashing through the walkers and disturbing the peaceful morning. As she passed near an acquaintance's shop, a spontaneous and loud conversation started:
-Oh, Leone! What are you doing this early in the morning?
-Hello, old man ! I'm working up a sweat and not returning till I've been drenched in sweat today. Someone's going to enjoy it this way, hihi!
-Aghh younguns nowadays. Be careful not to hurt yourself,
:iconopthebest:OPtheBeSt 107 11
Akame Ga Kill -- Akame The Official Foot Cleaner
Akame was walking through the streets of the Capital when she came across a poster with two crossed swords on it.
"Come one, come all! Test your mettle in the tournament! Last man standing still receive one million gold coins!" It read.
"I could buy a lot of food with that.." Akame said to herself "..But participating in the tournament would likely be bad for Night Raid in some way.." She stood there for a moment until she came to a conclusion and set off towards the arena,thinking of all the food she'd buy afterwards.
A few hours later in a colosseum with thousands of spectators...
Akame sheathed her katana after finishing off her final opponents,or so she thought.
"Very well done!" A feminine voice called out from behind. Akame turnt to see General Esdeath a few meters behind her.
"However, Akame of Night Raid, I cannot allow a criminal such as yourself to live." Esdeath said with a evil smile.
The two drew their swords,Akame knew she was vastly out matched by the General but escape
:iconakaitheguy:AkaiTheGuy 72 9
Mature content
Leone (Akame Ga Kill) Foot Worship :iconkslider:Kslider 62 10
Love is in the Air by MsPaintGTS
Mature content
Love is in the Air :iconmspaintgts:MsPaintGTS 238 57
Baiken Stomp by MsPaintGTS
Mature content
Baiken Stomp :iconmspaintgts:MsPaintGTS 120 12
My Giantess Academia: Mt. Lady by UnderDrawsSmut My Giantess Academia: Mt. Lady :iconunderdrawssmut:UnderDrawsSmut 149 10 something by gill77 something :icongill77:gill77 52 11 Playdate - White Socks Version by Micro-Mike
Mature content
Playdate - White Socks Version :iconmicro-mike:Micro-Mike 115 5
Mature content
Unfair Match :iconsqueezemeflat:SQUEEZEMEFLAT 52 4
Do you wanna smell my dirty socks? by lolfan1991 Do you wanna smell my dirty socks? :iconlolfan1991:lolfan1991 29 12 Group photo! by lolfan1991 Group photo! :iconlolfan1991:lolfan1991 25 40 Mika's butt drop by yamumil Mika's butt drop :iconyamumil:yamumil 26 2



Why I dont do any new pics? 

1. I ned my MMD stuff back and there are some problems :/ I try my beste to get them back so dont worry ^^
2. My work education or how it is called in english takes a lot of my time :/ but it goes very good so far ^^ 
3. I opened a new YT and Twitch Channel for gaming content and atm I love to make Vids over there and have no time for MMD :/ sry for this :c but if you want to watch my vids just note me and i will send u a link :) 
(Attention: atm I just do League of Legends Compilations)

Feel free to comment :) 
Something good and something bad :/

First: I finally got my new PC <3 Its fantastic and if some of you want to know my settings just Note me ^^
Bad: I still havnt that much time and still dont understand how I can create my own models und stuff like this :c I will definitely try to do new pics and maybe vids...but first I need to know my PC better...ok? thx :3

Have a nice day ^^
Eww a Bug!
Miku: "Eww what are you doing in my house?!? Let me stomp you fast..."

*she pulls her foot out her shoe and holds it over you*

Miku: "It just needs one step for me to squish you little bug...haha! Ready or comes my foot!"

*Miku puts her foot slowly on you and aply more and more pressure. Your bones start to crack and finally your body gives in under her foot. She feels you geetting flat under her bare sole and smiles. Then she stands full weight on your little body and twists her foot a bit. Left is a tiny pit of blood on the ground and her sole*

Miku: "That was fun! Can't wait to find another bug!"

Sry for the lack of content...but time is gold for me at the i hope you can understand me ^^ 
But also I hope you like this pic and feel free to leave a comment :D 
So after I finished my school I started to "work" or better...I started my education now. So I need time to find the right rhythm between work, sleep, free time and DeviantArt. I try to do content at the I won't let ya go...but it will take some time ^^ its a bit know? 

Have a nice day :D
Bye Bye little Bug!
Neru found this little Guy and decided to pretend he is a bug...

Neru: "Bye Bye little Bug! Be prepared for my shoe. hehe
*Neru smirked and the Tiny looked up and the last thing he saw, was the dirty sole of her sneaker and her pretty, smiling face*
Just got tagged by XuxaXuxa ^^

Mandatory rules:
1.) You must post all of the rules.
2.) Share 13 things about yourself.
3.) Answer 13 questions and ask 13 questions.
4.) Choose 13 people.
5.) Tag 13 people.
6.) You cannot say you don't tag. 
7.) Tag-backs ARE allowed.
8.) Do a journal entry, not a comment.
9.) Finish within a week.
10.) Make a creative title.

Here are the 13 facts about me:
1.) i have blonde short hair xD
2.) i love to watch videos, Animes and movies
3.) I nearly finished school
4.) Live nearl Berlin ^^ 
5.) Always wanted to travel to Alaska or so
6.) Big footfetish :D 
7.) Only 2 persons in my private life know about my fetish
8.) I really enjoy DeviantArt 
9.) Really busy latly
10.) Always sleepy xD
11.) Should sleep more and learn more
12.) Like to be next to my watchers, write with them and discuss topics ^^
13.) I will not tag someone cause i don't know who xD

questions i get:

1. Do you prefer Pizza or Pasta?
2. Have you got any collection?
Yeah...i collect a lot of Skins in League of Legends xD 
3. Have you ever met a famous person you wanted to meet?
no :/ 
4. Are you a night owl or an early bird?
both xD don't sleep much and can get up early ^^
5. Do you like any sports?
Yeah Football and E-sports
6. What's your favourite Anime/Cartoon, if you have one?
Kill la Kill, SAO, AoT, ... to much xD
7. Do you prefer doing art or watching art?
Both...i like doing art by myself and also really love to see what other people did ^^
8. Why are you on DeviantArt?
To share my fetish content and meet someone like me xD
9. What kind of rps do you like?
mostly fetish and then more the dominant/cruel foot fetish
10. Have you ever been asked for a date?
yes...for 6 years xD 
11. How good is your English?
You will know it better then me ^^ but i think it isnt bad at all :D
12. Do you like plushies?
Don't know them but sounds cute :3
13. What's your favourite song?
A lot...but i love to hear Nightcore ^^

My questions to you:

1. Where do you life? (House, Apartement, ...)

2. Your favourite place?

3. The song you could always listen too is...

4. The best thing that could happen to you :) 

5. The worst thing that could happen to you :c

6. Favourite Ice cream? 

7. Favourites TV-Show?

8. Favourites Emoji? :D 

9. Which language do you want to speach? Or know to speach?

10. Where do you want to travel?

11. Cinema or Video at home?

12. Favourite drink?

13. What really grinds your gears is...

As i said at the top...i don't tag people cause evryone who want to answer those questions can write it in comments and maybe tag some other people down there ^^ also you can write your own questions then so that i or other people can answer them...also you can make a journal entry too ^^ 


TinyFeetSlave's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I am just a random german guy doing stuff...mostly fetish art so if you dont like it you dont have to watch it ^^

I do Request and try to do them, but it will happen everytime so i am sorry :/

Also feel free to comment whatever you want :D (i will look if they fit in or are just sppam)

Skype: TinyFeetSlave TFS (if you want to add me - just for chatting)


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